Tuesday. "She is an emblem of the strength and renewed spirit of a city that was damaged but never defeated. She and her crew belong to the family members of the victims and the .

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er commander in chief, I assumed," Maduro said. Maduro was sworn into office earlier Friday at a ceremony in the National Assembly that was attended by representatives from more th.

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State Hillary Clinton to lift the economic and commercial blockade against the island country at least for a year. The parliamentary leader was responding to a statement made by Cl.

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and middle-class Canadians who have seen their incomes stagnant. Stretching over 78 days, this year's campaign will be the longest federal campaign since 1872. Its result will set.

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at politics? More than 8,000 Democrats gathered at Cleveland State University's Wolstein Center on Sunday to show support. During his speech, Obama compared America to a car being .

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re being shot and captured. He was rushed to a nearby hospital with chest wounds, and was later reported to be in critical condition. Israel Radio identified him as Abdel Raham al .

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Cuba, where the rebels and the Colombian government have been holding peace talks. "On Nov. 16, at around 3 p.m., guerrilla units of the FARC's Ivan Rios bloc carrying out their .

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been investigated for months, with 89,000 phone taps being placed, close to 6,000 emails being collected and over 17 raids being carried out, according to Reuters citing the inve.

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ocratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) conducted a nuclear test. But the reports said there were no signs hinting at an immediate test. Toner said that "I'm aware of the report.

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